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Pricing Your Home

It can be challenging to come to an agreement on the price of your home. You don’t want to list it for too little and miss out on a larger profit. But you also don’t want to price it too high and have it languish on the market. Here are some tools you can use. Zillow’s […]

Preparing Your Home for Winter

When you buy your dream home, don’t let lack of maintenance turn it into a nightmare. Although winter can be a challenging season for homeowners, there are items you should address before the snow falls that will keep you cozy and carefree. A little autumn preventive maintenance can improve energy efficiency and save you big […]

Making the Most on Your Home Sale

It’s vital to have a plan and a detailed road map to follow when selling your home. Typically, a real estate agent would handle all aspects of prepping, pricing, marketing, showing, negotiating and paperwork. If you seek to save money and control the process yourself, you’ll need a reliable resource. That is where B The […]

Selling Your Home Yourself

You want to get the biggest profit possible when you sell your home – not give a big chunk of it away in real estate fees. Should you consider selling your home yourself? The process can seem overwhelming, but with the right resources and support, it may just be the best choice for you. Read […]

Real Estate, Technology and You

As we seek to advance technologically in every direction possible to make something easier, faster, more affordable, etcetera;  where is Real Estate in all of this? Almost every major industry in the country has shifted to online: Taxes, Banking, Automotive, Investing, etc, but why not Real Estate?  Arguably, one of the largest and most influential [...]